Celebrating a chapter closing, and new pages to be written

2 Year ENCRYPTAS Power-Up

4 min readSep 3, 2023

Time flies when you are creating art you love alongside a community you love. The ENCRYPTAS two year anniversary comes with the epic final 101 Babes auction sale, closing the chapter of a two and a half year collection in the making. Here’s our 2022/2023 year in review:



This year ENCRYPTAS partnered with Mintology Studios to bring exclusive e-commerce deals to holders. Ringing in some IRL utilities, ENCRYPTAS holders had the opportunity to use their tokens to access discounts, deals & exlcusive prices for their favorite brands as well as emerging ones.

In addition, ENCRYPTAS connected with Last Gen Studios in granting lucky token holders with special tickets to the 2022 Token 2049 event in Singapore.



To celebrate the season of giving, holders had the chance to claim their ENCRYPTMAS token. This token was the soft unveiling of the new image the CypherCHK dimension was set to take. The nearly two hundred minters of this special token would be sharing in their piece of the CypherCHK Dimension’s story.


The New Face of CypherCHK

The start of 2023 saw your favorite faceless artist unveil the new face to the CypherCHK dimension. Establishing a clear brand image alongside her distinct artistic style was a step in the direction toward making faceless NFT art history

The CypherCHK Portal

Website Upgrade

The CypherCHK official site received its well deserved update! Consolodating all the amazing work that has been done, CypherCHK’s artistic portfolio, community hub, resources and even creating a space for collectors to connect with Cypher’s art directly…

101 Babes Limited Edition

101 Babes Limited Editions

With a project mission to make collecting NFT art more accessible, Cypher created 5 unique artworks ranging from 10–11 editions each. To create a fun and unique way to collect NFTs during a bear market, Cypher cut out the middle man and created a randomized minting experienced directly on the newly updated CypherCHK website. Offering an exclusive price for existing 101 Babes & ENCRYPTAS holders, this special collection event allowed 22 new ENCRYPTAS holders to join the 101 Babes Collectors Circle.

AI Babe #101

The Final 101 Babe Auction

AI Babe #101 incorporated Cypher’s signature style with AI enhancement. Embracing the changing nature of digital art, Cypher used her last auction as a celebration of the new technology. The final babe was minted & collected directly on the official CypherCHK website.

Art as Utility

101Babes & ENCRYPTAS is a project that has always been rooted to the symbol of the faceless babe. The project sets art as the greatest utility in connecting communities, motivating change, inspiring a culture & creating a revolution. The ENCRYPTAS project has enabled 20 exclusive holder only auctions for 1/1 art, held a total of 3 art raffles for holders, used the proceeds of 3 Babe artworks towards supporting charity, created unique & innovative opportunities to collect NFT art, all the while centering the stories of women.

2 Year ENCRYPTAS Power Up

As we celebrate another year in the space and close the 101 Babes chapter, CypherCHK demonstrates her willingness to grow & innovate in the space. This years anniversary claim — open ONLY to ENCRYPTAS holders — allows the community to hold the only AI enhanced ENCRYPTAS. This power up claim is not only a historic moment for ENCRYPTAS, but can be the inspiration the community needs to stay strong in difficult moments.

There is always room to reflect and innovate, no matter the market conditions. CypherCHK has remained a presence in the space no matter the market conditions, and we look forward to what the next year of saving the world with code and flowers brings.

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An anonymous NFT Artist making art about the Blockchain & the Divine Feminine.