Adding a Geographic Sentiment to NFTs

Exploring the SuperWorld X ENCRYPTAS Partnership

4 min readOct 5, 2021
ENCRYPTAS displayed in AR at the State Capitol in Austin, TX

The eruption of NFT’s has awakened a revolution in the creation, access, and distribution of art. In turn, this movement has also transformed the ways we view and appreciate art. ENCRYPTAS has partnered with SuperWorld to honor this transformation by inviting holders to showcase their ENCRYPTAS in AR through the SuperWorld App. This partnership not only invites holders to explore different dimensions in the Blockchain, but to take a glimpse into the future and possibilities to ensue from AR technology. Dive into SuperWorld’s article exploring our first initiative together here.

“I’m so excited about our partnership with CypherChk and ENCRYPTAS.” says SuperWorld co-founder and CEO Hrish Lotlikar, “Supporting women artists and female-forward initiatives is a core part of our mission at SuperWorld, and the ENCRYPTAS NFT collection features an astounding blend of art and social impact that we’re proud to be a part of.”

The second initiative intends to dig a bit deeper. ENCRYPTAS has partnered with SuperWorld by gifting a free ENCRYPTAS to each owner holding one of five special plots of land on the SuperWorld App. By adding a geographical sentiment, we can honor the ways NFTs have brought communities together despite the distance of time and space. By adding a historical element, we can remember and celebrate the rich histories of women from all over the world.

The ENCRYPTAS and SuperWorld teams have collaborated to curate five very special plots of land:

The Langley Research Center in Virginia, USA:

This is the oldest NASA field center and was the site where Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, and Mary Jackson (the powerful ladies from the biographical book and film Hidden Figures) worked. This historic site bears witness to the determination and resilience of three African-American women in challenging and triumphing over discrimination. These three women serve as powerful role models to our Millennial and Gen Z girls to persevere and shine.

The Marie Curie Museum in Warsaw Poland:

This site is dedicated to the life & work of Polish two-time Nobel Laureate Maria Sklodowska-Curie. As a physicist & chemist, her contributions to science include the discovery of polonium & radium. Demonstrating resilience as a woman & battling the discriminations faced from her heritage, Marie Curie’s impacts in radioactivity research extended in re-shaping society & the perceptions held against women in tech & science spaces. This museum not only celebrates her achievements, but her story as a daughter, sister, mother and individual.

The Women’s Museum in Marrakech, Morocco:

The first of it’s kind in North Africa, it is a permanent space for the arts, dedicated to the history & culture of the life & creativity of Moroccan women. This site honors and celebrates the creative contributions of women in Moroccan society.

The War & Women’s Human Rights Museum in Seoul:

This plot is a site remembering the traumatic experiences of the many women and children from Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines & Thailand who were taken or tricked from their homes to serve as comfort women. Their stories inform the freedoms many women have today, and are reminders of the realities still faced by others.

Musee Henriette Bathily, Musee de la Femme, Senegal:

The museum allows us to have a look into the lives of women in Senegal living through the colonial period. It is a site exhibiting the common objects used by women in that time to bring us to a deeper understanding of the story of Senegalese women during this moment in history. The prominent figures of Senegalese women’s emancipation are celebrated here. This site is also home to women’s workshops and specific projects focusing on the support of women with disabilities. Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding this site…

Three out of five plots have been purchased, indicating a profound interest to learn about the stories of women. This collaboration is an invitation to learn and be curious about women’s history, as it informs the liberties that exist for women today.

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