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An Innovative Way to Collect Art

4 min readFeb 24, 2023

CypherCHK is presenting a new way to mint art. Considering the recent developments being made by marketplaces to cut creator royalties, Cypher has made a move to bring her art directly to her community!

Continuing her notable 101Babes collection, Cypher has created 5 unique artworks, with a total of 51 pieces to be claimed. Babes #50 to #100 will be available exclusively and directly on Cypher’s own website. No middlemen involved, just the community and the art that brought them together.

What You Need to Know About the Mint

1️⃣ First Come First Served

Mint goes live on 25 February, 9PM ICT / 2PM UTC / 6AM PT on the official CypherCHK website. There are a limited number of artworks and editions to be claimed. They will be available until they are sold out.

2️⃣ Randomized Mint

A randomized mint means that editions #50 to #100 will not be minted in order, or in any particular order at all! An air of mystery as to whether a minter will mint their favorite Babe or not is part of the fun. There is also the possibility that minters may mint more than one edition of an artwork…

3️⃣ Five Artworks

Cypher has created five unique artworks. Continue reading for the art reveal and details about each artwork.

4️⃣ Fifty-One Pieces

Babes #50 to #100 will be available for mint, with a total of 51 pieces in total. There will be 10 to 11 editions of each artwork. More details will be found below.

5️⃣ Mint Price

ENCRYPTAS holders will have access to a special holder exclusive mint price of 0.066 $ETH. Public mint is available for 0.099 $ETH. There will be a limit of 5 mints per transaction, and a limit of 5 tokens per wallet.

6️⃣ Each Token is a Raffle Ticket

On a mission to reward early believers, Cypher will be raffling her only remaining 1/1 Babe available on the primary market for all collectors of the Limited Editions. Every piece collected will count as one raffle ticket to collect Tranquility Babe #49, currently valued at 0.88 $ETH. The raffle will take place once the Limited Editions are sold out.

Tranquility Babe #49

Art Reveal

Do you have a favorite artwork from the upcoming Limited Editions? Every 101Babe puts women at the center while telling a story about the Blockchain. Cypher is making Blockchain art history with her faceless babes, learn more about your favorite piece below. Randomized mint takes place on 25 February, 9 PM ICT on

Dimension Babe #50 to #59 is Cypher’s artistic rendition of the different dimensions that make up the Blockchain. Each piece is essential to its functionality. There will be a total of 10 editions of this artwork available to be claimed.

Possibility Babe #60 to #69 envisions all the possibilities we can go in web 3. Every community member, creator, and collector is drawing the direction for the future of this space. 10 editions of this artwork will be available for collection.

Imagination Babe #70 to #79 is a dream for the future. We as a community can not even begin to imagine how far this space is headed and what solutions web 3 will bring to our lives. There will be 10 editions of this artwork available to mint.

Cheers Babe #80 to #89 is a celebration of everyone building right now. Cheers to the creators, cheers to the communities, and cheers to the collectors continuing to be a source of inspiration. 10 editions of this artwork will be available for collection.

Wave Babe #90 to #100 visualizes the many waves there are to ride in crypto and NFTs. She hopes to inspire a long-term approach in our decisions in web 3, as this space is just getting started. There will be a total of 11 editions of this artwork available to be claimed.

Cypher is developing a unique and interesting way to collect art. She is working to connect her art directly to the community without any third-party involvement. Cypher is constantly finding ways to show appreciation to her holders and early believers. Are you ready for what’s coming?

Mint goes live on 25 February, 9PM ICT / 2PM UTC / 6AM PT on the official CypherCHK website. Which Babe will you claim? The countdown to collect your Babe goes live now!

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