Donations, Collaborations, Next Steps & More

Delving into the synergy of the ENCRYPTAS community

3 min readJan 17, 2022
Pride Babe #14

This week has been a monumental week for the ENCRYPTAS community! We are celebrating 4K unique holders and nearly 1K $ETH volume traded on Opensea. It is nothing short of exciting to see the momentum for female led NFT projects, but it was only a matter of time.

What makes female headed collectives like ENCRYPTAS so unique is the vision for diversity and inclusion, which will continue on as a timeless trend in any market.

Charity Contributions ✅

Shortly after selling out, the ENCRYPTAS team donated 5% of sales totaling at 18 $ETH to charities empowering girls through education. The ENCRYPTAS charity donation was the first community vote by token holders.

9 $ETH was donated to revolutionary Malala Yousafzai and her initiatives with the MalalaFund. The project invests in advocates, educators & activists fighting for the education of girls n the targeted geographies of India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

9 $ETH was donated to fearless coder chick Fereshteh Forough’s powerful work with CodeToInspire. With a focus on girls, CodeToInspire offers skills and competency in the global tech market through education and outreach.

CypherCHK donated an additional 0.88 $ETH through the charity auction of Abundance Babe #27 to CodeToInspire & their essential work. Cypher is currently exploring avenues to continue collaborating with CodeToInspire using NFTs and Web 3.0 technology.

Artist Collaborations✅

The ENCRYPTAS X COLLABS has announced its roster of notable NFT artists including Lisa Odette, Ottis & Lopiart. The successful launch and sale of LisaOdette X ENCRYPTAS at 0.88 $ETH is only the start!

Stay tuned for a special Cryptovoxels wearable, Metaverse event, animated 1/1, and a special music NFT. All of which will be made exclusive to ENCRYPTAS holders first!

Next Steps✅

Showering appreciation for early believers is vital to Cypher’s mission of community. Cypher’s airdrops have included both her own original unreleased artwork and a special artist derivative, with the intention of bringing more diversity in the wallets of her holders. There is more to come from Cypher’s Flowers.

Cypher intends to highlight the art and voices of emerging artists in the space. In addition to allocating 2.5% of all sales to collecting from upcoming artists, Cypher is mapping out an exciting opportunity for artists both within and outside the ENCRYPTAS community to engage with the story of ENCRYPTAS, and to be potentially collected by the CypherCHK vault.

With the goal of integrating IRL experiences and NFTs, Cypher and her team are mindfully planning a way for holders to use, interact, and enjoy their NFT and its intellectual property rights.

Like the rise of female led projects, ENCRYPTAS is here to take up space! A vision to make art a transformative way to challenge culture is powerful in the NFT space. Cypher’s vision, paired with her direction to drive equal representation in tech spaces through her art and community, is a powerful combination.




An anonymous NFT Artist making art about the Blockchain & the Divine Feminine.