ENCRYPTAS 2022 Impact

4 min readJan 23, 2023


Globe Babe #45

Reflecting on the past year, we are happy to highlight the targets our project has been able to reach during 2022. As 2023 is looking out to be a monumental one for the ENCRYPTAS & 101BABES community, we’d like to look back on the steps we’ve taken to get here.

Flora — Luna’s Wonderland by LunaLeo


The ENCRYPTAS art contest hosted in early 2022 invited NFT artists to create ENCRYPTAS in their own artistic vision for a 1 $ETH prize. With community votes, Flora — Luna’s Wonderland inspired by the 1$ETH ENCRYPTAS fairy was collected for 1$ETH. The CypherCHK vault is home to over 50 artists, both emerging and established in the NFT space. The ENCRYPTAS community was able to take part in supporting their favorite creators through 8 community-nominated artists that were collected by Cypher. 2.5% of primary sales made at the 25% milestone mark has been reserved to support artists and projects in the NFT space.

MetaSis (Aoki x The Untamed) S1 by CypherCHK


2022 was the year of artistic collabs for the ENCRYPTAS and 101Babes dimensions. A special Valentine on February 14th by prolific NFT artist Anna Condo, and the unique One Year Princess on the ENCRYPTAS one year milestone was airdropped to all ENCRYPTAS holders. A musical 101Babe with OmotayoMusic and an animated 101Babe with Lopiart were offered as exclusive auctions for ENCRYPTAS holders.

ENCRYPTAS continued to nurture their philanthropy through artistic collaborations with initiatives like the Cova Dignity Collection, MET AMS & the Steve Aoiki x The Untamed Vault’s charity initiative METASIS.


5% of sales made at the 75% milestone were donated to the Malala Fund and CodeToInspire. ENCRYPTAS didn’t stop its mission to give back here and collaborated with the CodeToInspire team and their talented graphic design students in Afghanistan to create the CodeToInspire X ENCRYPTAS collection. A total of 9 students and their artworks were selected, with each piece officially sold out. All primary sales have been given to the respective artist, with any ongoing secondary sales continually supporting CodeToInspire and the artists.


Gen2 will be the succeeding collection in the ENCRYPTAS dimension. Following the creation and sell-out of the 101Babes collection, the team will be building upon the final milestone in the ENCRYPTAS universe. Currently, 49/101 Babes have been created, with 48 sold. The next few months will see an innovative and unique way for ENCRYPTAS holders to experience collecting. Moving towards a new way to may collecting NFT art accessible, Babes #50–#100 will be created as editions. Babe #101 will be the final 1/1 to be created and collected. All future auctions will have exclusive perks for ENCRYPTAS holders.


CypherCHK was thrilled to work with Metaverse Fashion Wearables brand Artisant NFT as a speaker in the Collectibles as Ecosystems panel for the House of Muse Online Conference alongside BFF, Crypto Tech Women, Gualianft.xyz & Stardust NFT.

Through partnerships with Mintology, Nifty Gateway, & MyPhysicalNFT, CypherCHK is happy to continue bringing IRL utilities to holding an ENCRYPTAS token. Adding to this, ENCRYPTAS #3460 was displayed in Asturias, Spain at Lai Gallery.

Continuing the vision of art utility, Babe #46 was raffled to ENCRYPTAS holders.

Lastly, the year 2022 saw the onboarding of major names in the ENCRYPTAS community including GaryVee, Steve Aioki, Danielle Kamela and more.

Starting off 2023 strong, CypherCHK has launched the new logo for both 101Babes and ENCRYPTAS. Cypher is proud to claim her faceless signature as a defining trademark of her art. Cypher allowed all those who claimed her special ENCRYPTMAS free mint to hold a piece of the logo through the pink hair trait. With the unique faceless theme, coupled with one of the kindest and most resilient NFT communities in the space, the ENCRYPTAS team is continues to weather the bear market. Stay tuned for the journey!

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