A collection over two years in the making reaches its closing auction

Everything to know about AI BABE #101

3 min readMay 29, 2023

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The first 101 Babe was minted in March of 2021. Cypher has spent the last couple of years securing her faceless babes as her signature style and as a symbol of decentralized blockchain technology. Cypher began the 101 Babes collection with the mission to bring the stories of women to the forefront of Web 3 while spreading awareness of the power of crypto and the Blockchain.

Over two years, 10,000 ENCRYPTAS and 100 Babes later, the final 101 Babe has been created. The 101 Babes collection welcomes a collectors circle of 61 members (26 of which are ENCRYPTAS holders), 100 artworks sold, and a total of 24 ETH in total sales.

AI Babe #101 launches June 4th, 2023 at 9PM ICT / 2PM UTC / 6AM PT. The reserve price for the ultimate piece in this collection starts at 0.5 $ETH and will be hosted directly on cypherchk.com with Cypher’s own smart contract.

Join the allowlist here: https://www.cypherchk.com/auction

What you need to know about the Auction

1️⃣ AI Integration

Cypher used AI technology to enhance her signature use of vines and flowers, without sacrificing her distinctive style. The closing auction piece in the 101 Babes collection will be Cypher’s inaugural artwork using AI. This piece sets the tone for the future direction of Cypher’s artistic journey. This will be the first artwork available during the auction process.

2️⃣ Allowlist Benefit

After the 1 $ETH Auction reserve has been met, the AI-enriched model of the original artwork will be unlocked. The original artwork will be regenerated utilizing an AI-finetuned model trained through Leonardo AI. This trained model has been enriched using all 100 artworks created in the 101 Babes collection. Only allowlist members and ENCRYPTAS holders will be able to select whether the original artwork or the AI-enriched model will be minted as AI Babe #101 when they win the auction.

3️⃣ Bidding Mechanics

The auction is open to the public and will be live on the official Cypherchk website. To start the auction a 0.5 $ETH reserve needs to be met. Once the auction has started, the auction will be open for 48 hours before closing. Each additional bid will add 0.1 $ETH to the auction price, as well as 1 hour to the auction time.

The AI-enriched artwork will be unlocked once the 1 $ETH auction reserve has been met. If the 1 $ETH auction reserve has been met, only allowlist members will be able to select which of the two artworks will be minted as AI Babe #101 when they win.

ENCRYPTAS & the 101 Babes are the only faceless NFTs on the Blockchain. The 101 Babes collection may be closing a chapter, but the CypherCHK dimension still has many pages left to write.

The auction goes live on June 4th, 2023 at 9PM ICT / 2PM UTC / 6AM PT on the official CypherCHK website. Take part in history, and join the allowlist while you can.

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