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Date: Fri Oct 27, 2023
Time: 10AM EST (24HRS)
Price: TBA on pre-sale day
Eligible Wallets: ENCRYPTAS & 101Babes snapshot Thurs Oct 26 10AM EST (24HRS before pre-sale)


Date: Sat Oct 28, 2023
Time: 10AM EST
Price: TBA on mint day
Eligible Wallets: Anyone can mint

Mint prices will be nothing above 0.03 $ETH. All minting occurs via the CypherCHK official site: https://www.cypherchk.com/degencryptas


Important Details

Snapshot: Thursday, Oct 26 @ 10AM EST(24HRS before pre-sale)
To ensure a fair distribution, we’ll take a snapshot of the eligible wallets on the 26th of October, which will be used for verification during the presale. Any wallet holding an ENCRYPTAS or 101Babes at the time of snapshot will be able to mint at an exclusive price for pre-sale. It’s our way of rewarding our loyal community members who have supported us from the beginning.

Total Supply: 4969 degENCRYPTAS taking up space on the Blockchain.

Available Supply: All 4969 degENCRYPTAS will be available for pre-sale and public-sale mint

No Wallet Limit: We believe in a fair and inclusive NFT ecosystem. Therefore, there’s no limit to the number of degENCRYPTAS NFTs you can own per wallet. The more, the merrier!

Transaction Limit: To ensure fair distribution, there’s a transaction limit of 100 degENCRYPTAS NFTs per transaction. This prevents any single entity from monopolizing the collection.

No Time Limit for Public Sale: While there’s no set time limit for the public sale, we reserve the right to stop minting whenever we deem necessary. This approach aligns with our commitment to maintaining the exclusivity and scarcity of degENCRYPTAS NFTs.

Instant Reveal: Pre-sale and Public-sale mints will be instantly revealed. You may just need to refresh the metadata, fam.



What are degENCRYPTAS?
degENCRYPTAS will be the third collection in the CyperCHK dimension, and the second generation of collectibles in the ecosystem designed deep in the bear market, for degens deep in the bear market. From fearless “Degen” to “Ethereal” beings, the collection includes a total of 778 traits! With a limited supply of 4969, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

What is the rarity structure of the collection?
Degen. Degen’s are human skin coder chicks that make up 36% of total supply. Their distinctive punk, rebel, hardcore looks are definitive of the Degen rank. They are still fighting the bots, and genuinely don’t give a f*ck.

Flower Child. Flower children are human skin degen’s that carry over the token trait of flowers from the Generation 1 collectibles in the CypherCHK ecosystem. Flower children sold their fidenza’s at the top and moved to the country and make up 36% of total supply.

Mermaid. The alter-ego’s from the generation 1 collectible can be easily identified by their blue skin and mermaid tails. Their hair and clothes can only be appropriate for life under the sea. Mermaids make up 7.5% of total supply.

Alien. We don’t know what planet their from but Alien degen’s are rocking moon braids and space buns that are on another level! Green skin degen’s can be found wearing outfits and hairstyles suitable for intergalactic adventures. Aliens make up 7.5% of total supply.

Virus. There was a glitch in the system and the virus took over the Blockchain and make up 6% of the total supply. These sneaky degens can take on the characteristics of any human, mermaid, alien or ethereal, but can be identified by their robotic skin tone.

Ethereal. These heavenly creatures are far from angels…Though they can be often found with halos, wings and the occasional crown, Ethereal degens were sent from heaven to judge you as you make bad financial decisions. Luckily, only 5% of total supply are in existence.

Bullish/Bearish. Bright green and bright red skin toned degens will always be paired with the bullish/bearish background. They’re bullish when the market is dumping & bearish when the market is pumping. Combined, they make only 2% of the total supply.

Backgrounds. Some original backgrounds from Gen 1 make a re-appearance in degENCRYPTAS, but since the virus took over they have a new touch. 20 new backgrounds have been brought in to make your NFT the most degen jpeg to hit the Blockchain.

Meme Traits. Hands, glasses, rockets, and doggys are here to bring some degeneracy to NFTs. Our faceless coder chicks have some epic tools to help them take over the Blockchain. The combination of rare skins, rare backgrounds, and total amount of meme traits in one jpeg determine rarity.

Flower Crown: The sacred flower crown found in Gen 1 makes its comeback. It is the only fresh flower trait, making it even more rare.

Satoshi Sweaters: Nothing says degENCRYPTAS more than this clothing trait. Be on the lookout for Satoshi degens, and who knows…maybe you’ll be lucky enough to mint one. Satoshi sweaters come in the four varieties: ethereal, alien, mermaid & human.


Why do I want to own a degENCRYPTAS?

Art is, and always will be the utility. If you’ve survived the bear market and are hungry for something special when the bull run returns, degENCRYPTAS is for you. You’ll use your degENCRYPTAS to build your online identity. Alongside an epic token to remember this bear market, degENCRYPTAS will have access to the same commercial license as ENCRYPTAS & 101Babes. The full commercial license here.

What are examples of how the Commercial License can be used?
The holder of degENCRYPTAS NFT #1234 can sell T-shirts with their degen, create a beverage company based with their degen as the face of their brand, and create a totally epic meme with their degen that goes completely viral. Imagine creating your brand, selling merch, or crafting viral memes using your degENCRYPTAS… The world is your canvas!


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