Welcome to the CypherCHK Dimension

The first explorers have arrived!

3 min readAug 25, 2021
Saturn Babe #20

A few brave adventurers have stepped foot into foreign territory. In a NFT Universe where every planet is orbited by it’s own unique 10,000 auto-generated collectibles project, it’s hard to know what one is getting mixed up in…

However, luckily for this bunch, they dared to venture past what is typically explored. Not only are they uncovering something different, they are the first!

Welcome to the CypherCHK Dimension, an ecosystem that gives life to art and stories inspired by women and the Blockchain! This ecosystem did not emerge from nowhere, but is a planet that is starting to mature while also beginning to evolve.

CypherCHK is mother to not one, but two NFT projects. Both combine into a synergetic universe of 1/1 art and collectibles. Her first collection, the 101 BABES, is a series of 101 unique art pieces telling different stories about the Blockchain. This is her long-term commitment to the NFT Space . 25/101 have been minted, and 25/25 have already been sold!

Cypher’s newest venture is ENCRYPTAS, 10,000 Faceless Coder Chicks saving the world through code and flowers. It is a collectibles re-imagining the traditional forms of the typical avatar project putting Gen-Z and Millennial girls in the spotlight!

You may be thinking to yourself, “Great, another one…” but perhaps one can reframe this thought as, “Great, another chance!” The 101Babes collection has worked to develop a small community of collectors & artists aligned with a shared vision: ARTISTS4ARTISTS. This movement aims to create greater synergy within the NFT ecosystem.

By increasing the amount of holders, while also opening the floor at a more accessible entry point, this small movement of artists & collectors can expand! 101Babes and ENCRYPTAS holders alike will be able to use their tokens to participate in supporting emerging artists, facilitate art collaborations, support donations to charity, and take part Gen 22 within the CypherCHK Dimension.


Cypher has already used a portion from her small successes by reinvesting into NFT artists. At the first project milestone, 2.5% of sales will be unlocked to collect from emerging artists. All holders in the CypherCHK Dimension will have their say in these decisions. The community will have the power to uplift the artists they love.

Art Collaborations

In line with collecting from emerging artists, art collaborations with both emerging & established artists will take place halfway through the ENCRYPTAS roadmap. This initiative aims to amplify the stories of artists and have their art extend well beyond the stratosphere! 101Babes collectors & ENCRYPTAS holders will be the first to hear and benefit from these collaborations.

Charity Donations

Cypher has always been driven to empower girls in technology and science spaces. 5% of sales will be used to support organizations aligned with this same vision. With a few organizations already in contact, holders in the CypherCHK Dimension will have their vote in where these funds will be donated.

Gen2 Update

Just because the ENCRYPTAS roadmap has been completed doesn’t mean the work is done! Following the attainment of this milestone is the work to complete the 101 Babes collection (which will be exclusive first to ENCRYPTAS holders through special auctions) and get started on the Gen 2 collection. Gen 2 will be launched following the final sale of the 101 Babes collection.

If you are reading this, that means you are one of the early few. This roadmap is only the seeds and the roots of this project, but the flower is in bloom!

The brave adventurers gawked at their new world! It was unlike anything they had ever seen before. It was bold, it was colorful, and it was full of flowers.

join the community: https://t.co/HjooQatkQl?amp=1




An anonymous NFT Artist making art about the Blockchain & the Divine Feminine.