What is happening in the ENCRYPTAS Dimension?

Adapting our direction & celebrating our small successes

3 min readSep 20, 2021
Summer Babe #26 with ENCRYPTAS #653

Two weeks after ENCRYPTAS minting began we held our first Townhall for ENCRYPTAS holders. We were happy to see our community members brave the time zones to speak with the team about the next steps for the community and project. With feedback and suggestions from the community the team was given the support to adjust and adapt their roadmap.

Though the team is confident in their long-term vision, in order to honor the value of the pieces minted and the short-term rewards an ENCRYPTAS membership the team has decided to stop minting in the next two weeks. Addressing the concerns of supply and demand as well as the floor price, the team and community have decided to halt minting on October 4th, 2021.

mint yours now:

All ENCRYPTAS holders will be airdropped their first gift from CypherCHK for HODLING and supporting the project and community following the cessation of minting. The gift will be an animated illustration featured in CypherCHK’s collection of poetry. Both the illustration and poem served as inspiration for the artistic direction of ENCRYPTAS.

Alongside some major alpha, we started the event to celebrate some of our achievements since reaching over 2K mints. Beginning a collaboration with SuperWorld the team was able to kick off the partnership by rewarding an active community member with a free plot of land on the SuperWorld App. The team has always carried a vision to immerse holders into all the nodes and realms of the Blockchain, and we were so happy to be able to see community members sharing their NFTs in their real life settings with AR.

The first of many community auctions gave ENCRYPTAS holders a chance to collect a 1/1 from the 101Babes Collection at an accessible reserve price. CypherCHK is passionate about making collecting NFTs possible and accessible for more people, and is beginning to do this through her community auctions exclusively for 101Babes and ENCRYTAS holders. 10% of sales from this community auction was also rewarded to an active ENCRYPTAS community member.

Alongside community partnerships, CypherCHK has also begun collecting from artists well before reaching the 25% and 50% sales milestones. Since minting began CypherCHK and the ENCRYPTAS team is so proud to have collected from nine different artists making waves in the NFT space. The ENCRYPTAS team is adapting their roadmap to align it with what is realistic and possible in order to stay accountable to the ENCRYPTAS community.

The current roadmap will be adapted reflecting the adjusted direction. Collecting from artists and cultivating community and artist collaborations will continue. Charity support will be made possible through charity auctions for 101Babes, with all sales being donated to charities chosen in collaboration with the community. The creation of 101Babes will carry on, this time with special auctions for both charity and ENCRYPTAS holders. We hope to surprise holders as opportunities to collaborate with meaningful projects ensue.

The ENCRYPTAS project is a seed that will continue to be cultivated, nourished and watered. A project that is able to adapt, is one that is most likely to flourish and survive despite the changing weather and shifting seasons. Appreciating her early believers is a value Cypher has had since beginning of her 101Babes collection, and is something she will continue with her art.

Thank you for coming along for the ride.

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An anonymous NFT Artist making art about the Blockchain & the Divine Feminine.