When Metaverse Communities are Connected to IRL

Building connections with NFTs beyond the computer screen

3 min readFeb 8, 2022
Lotus Babe #39 feat. Lopiart

ENCRYPTAS was created with the vision of creating a community of ‘open-minded revolutionaries’. Hop into the ENCRYPTAS discord and you’ll be sure to meet passionate web 3.0 pioneers motivated to cultivate diversity and inclusion in the crypto space. What is particularly powerful about a vision, is it’s ability to take movement and become actionable change.

NFT communities have been phenomenal by its way of connecting people from all over the world despite a pandemic of isolation, social-distancing, and separation. The borderless nature of web 3.0 has created an incredible shift in the ways people are able to meet and build with one another.

The ENCRYPTAS team is so proud that our diverse family of 3.9K holders come from all over the world. In order to bring the ideological visions of the project to life, the team is excited to host and sponsor a series of localized events where ENCRYPTAS holders can connect and meet fellow community members around them.


Shifting the status quo into one that is inclusive, diverse and accessible to all is a major job to tackle. The big picture can be difficult to imagine, but when one is able to break the vision into parts, the steps towards that change don’t seem as impossible.

Same goes for connecting our global community! If we can begin by connecting holders in their countries, cities and towns, it gives us the starting steps for how we can continue building these connections in the future.


Where are our holders from, and what common ground are they going to be able to connect?

Designing these IRL community events would begin by identifying where the likeliest places to host these events would be. Organizing the community via discord gives all ENCRYPTAS holders the chance to contribute. Events and meet-ups would be respectfully planned according to the local restrictions that may be in place.


Areas with 10 or more community members would be eligible for ENCRYPTAS funded and sponsored events at a location where sustenance, ambience and company would be lovingly organized.

All attendees would have the chance to meet members in their NFT community, and also have the chance to access some additional IRL perks.

The faceless theme of ENCRYPTAS is a symbol for many things; anonymity, the sensitivity of our data and information in an increasingly data invasive and information sensitive world, and to represent the diversity of every woman’s story. An additional reason ENCRYPTAS are faceless is to allow for holders to see themselves as the face of this project. The ENCRYPTAS team is excited to cultivate these in-real life experiences between community members so holders can see themselves more and more as the true revolutionaries and faces of the ENCRYPTAS Dimension.

Join the revolution: http://discord.gg/hkhGe2g33n
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