Exploring the collaboration magic happening in the CypherCHK Dimension

3 min readDec 6, 2021

Investors, collectors and creators in this space can agree with one common denominator in the NFT space, community. The reach of an artist, the strength of a project, is determined by the vigor and vitality of the believers hyping it up.

Since the birth of ENCRYPTAS, the team is honored to boast the powerhouse that is the ENCRYPTAS community. CypherCHK aims to empower the next wave of female revolutionaries with the same vision she intends to empower the holders cultivating and helping to build the ENCRYPTAS ecosystem.

Integral to the ENCRYPTAS roadmap are artistic collaborations with both emerging and established artists in the NFT space. CypherCHK intends to achieve this step with the help of existing talents in the ENCRYPTAS community and tenacious leaders in the NFT space.

To honor some of the existing talents in the ENCRYPTAS family CypherCHK is excited to collaborate with token holders LisaODT and Lopiart. As a 3D, 2D artist and animator exploring the female essence through shapes and color, it is only fitting to bring new life to the ENCRYPTAS design through Lisa Odette’s distinctive style. The vibrancy and fluidity unique in the work of artist and animator Lopiart will take both the 101Babes collection and ENCRYPTAS to a new dimension of movement.

Intending to amplify the voice of leaders in the NFT space, CypherCHK will be working with prolific Purple Valley creator, Cryptovoxels architect and wearables designer Ottis to bring a special ENCRYPTAS trait to life in the metaverse, and to immerse holders deeper into the Blockchain through a metaverse event in the Purple Valley Gallery in Cryptovoxels.

These collaborative initiatives are guided with the vision to share the stories of talents and leaders empowering the NFT space. Moving under the vision of Artists4Artists, these collaborations aim to not only create stunning works of art, but to introduce ENCRYPTAS community members to new artists and projects they could connect and grow with into the future. The team is excited to roll out the next steps of these collaborations, and are thrilled to make these experiences EXCLUSIVE to the ENCRYPTAS family.

Community is the most powerful resource behind the success of any movement. This lineup of collaborations hopes to shine the light on the ways CypherCHK will highlight and empower artists, creators, and innovators helping to build ENCRYPTAS. The community is a powerhouse, and with the consistence and dedication of CypherCHK, the team, and the community, it is only a matter of time before ENCRYPTAS makes it to the moon!

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An anonymous NFT Artist making art about the Blockchain & the Divine Feminine.