One Year Milestone

The Seeds We’ve Sowed

4 min readSep 4, 2022

ENCRYPTAS is proud to be one of the many projects still active despite the ups and downs of the market. As ENCRYPTAS closes its first year milestone we are honored to share our achievements as an NFT art project and community!


ENCRYPTAS started off with a pre-sale mint on September 2nd, 2021, getting the community to over 1K mints and 200 of the first holders in the first 24 hours. Public mint went live on September 3rd, with the community building its momentum to selling out on October 4th.


The 25% sales milestone unlocked the CypherCHK Vault supporting established and emerging artists in web 3.0. Cypher has supported over 50+ artists and will continue to invest in the NFT ecosystem.


Holding an ENCRYPTAS grants holders the exclusivity to bid for 101Babe NFTs at an exclusive price. 101Babes is the first NFT collection created by Cypher and her signature faceless style started with this collection.


Using AR technology, ENCRYPTAS holders were able to experience their NFTs in a realm between the metaverse and real life. ENCRYPTAS worked to bring a geographic sentiment to NFTs by giving community members the chance to own five curated historical sites in women’s history.


We were able to celebrate some of the unique traits our ENCRYPTAS hold. The Bestie Choker Contest allowed holders to connect with their ENCRYPTAS Bestie for a chance to win 1 $ETH. A raffle was also held for two unique courses to learn coding and character design for our members holding the most common trait, Rebel In Training.


Very special collab 1/1’s were created with prolific NFT artists Lopiart and LisaOdette and community musician Omotayo, with auctions exclusive only to ENCRYPTAS holders.

Cypher has been avid about sharing the stories of powerhouse female artists in the space with her community and has allowed ENCRYPTAS holders to own NFTs by artists Anna Condo and Lopiart.


Thanks to the community vote, ENCRYPTAS donated a total of 18 $ETH following the 75% sales milestone, with half donated to CodeToInspire and half to the MalalaFund. An additional 0.88 $ETH was donated to CodeToInspire following the charity auction of Abundance Babe #27.

We were honored to kick off International Women’s Day with the CodeToInspire X ENCRYPTAS collection, a collection of the first NFT’s created by nine CodeToInspire students. The collection is now sold-out!

Cypher has also created special edition artworks to support the philanthropic ventures of community members including the Cova Dignity Collection, MET AMS and METASIS.


Connecting with the community has opened the door for ENCRYPTAS to take part in the biggest metaverse event in Europe MET AMS and the virtual House of Muse conference hosted by Artisant.

ENCRYPTAS has been able to use NFTs for IRL utility with the sale of a special 101Babe as a ticket to the British Fashion Awards 2021. ENCRYPTAS has been displayed in Asturias Spain for the LAi Gallery.

We also hosted a community event celebrating ENCRYPTAS on the metaverse Somnium Space.


Owning an ENCRYPTAS has not only opened up holders to a vibrant, colorful and inclusive community, but gives holders the IP rights to celebrate their ENCRYPTAS in the real world. If you hold an ENCRYPTAS and want to explore what you can do with your faceless coder chick, drop into our discord and register your idea for use.

NFT technology has not only revolutionized how artists and creators create, but has also connected communities from all over the world despite the confines of quarantine. One of the most powerful achievements of ENCRYPTAS has been to bring together 3.8K holders under the vision to bring more Gen z girls and women into web 3.0.

The mission to save the world through code and flowers is on, and we can’t wait to see where we continue to grow together!

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